Old Men Eight Treasure Tonic 老医师八珍汤


Benefit: Helps improve Pale Complexion, Shortness of Breath, Irregular Or Painful Menstruation.

Net Weight : 20G



Ready易备牌 新品上架

1-3 person per pack (20g)

3 step in cook:
1) Clean the herbal with water to remove the herbal powder
2) Wash and boil the chicken or bak kut about 5 minutes and remove out from pot
3) Pour 1500-2000ml of water, soup-packed ingredients and meat into the pot. Ready to serve from boiled for 1hour with max level heating. You may use slow cooker to boil at least 5hours, add icing sugar & salt to increase the taste of the soup. Royal chef—–is you.


2)清洗鸡肉或bak kut,把肉放进清水煮沸大概5分钟后再取出


Shelf life: 2-3months in dry and cool. Up to 12months if keep in fridge.

保质期: 室内储存2-3个月,远离潮湿。冰箱储存可达12个月


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