Creamy Milk High Calcium

Net Weight: 150G

(10G x 15 Sachets)



LITAN High Calcium Creamy Milk



  • High Calcium (Every 10g each sachet contains 462 mg of calcium).
  • No added sugar, Zero trans fat, 100% milk powder imported from New Zealand.
  • Daily calcium usage for adult is 1000mg. Daily dosage only 2 sachets. Above age of 70 is1200mg which is 3 sachets. Encourage to serve at morning and before sleep at night.


Ingredient: Seaweed calcium, new zealand milk powder, full cream milk & skim milk.


1 0 0 % Natural ingredients.
Natural ingredient, No Added Sugar, No Additive, Trans-fat Free,  GMO Free.

Healthier Choice.


Product Origin : Malaysia



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