Protein with Sea Buckthorn 450G HALAL

Net Weight: 450G



Protein with Sea Buckthorn 450G


🌊 Rich in Omega-7
Elevate your well-being with the abundance of omega-7, promoting heart health and overall vitality.

🍃 All-Natural, Organic Ingredients
Savor the taste of nature with our blend made exclusively from all-natural and organic components.

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly
A plant-based alternative for vegetarians and vegans, without compromising your dietary choices.

🚫 *No GMO, No Guar Gum, No Maltodextrin
We prioritise your health with our commitment to quality.

💪 Health Benefits
Experience the dual power of reducing inflammation and promoting cell rejuvenation, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

🤰🤱👶 Made for Everyone
Suitable for Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Mums, and Children above 2 years old.


1 0 0 % Natural ingredients.
Natural ingredient, No Added Sugar, No Additive, Trans-fat Free,  GMO Free.

Healthier Choice.


Product Origin : Malaysia


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