Product Brand Introduction

LITANS focuses on producing products with real, clean, and natural ingredients, it’s important to choose ingredients with good nutrient values to provide maximum benefits to consumers. It’s a testament to the quality and trustworthiness of LITANS products that they have been supplied to the medical field as daily meal beverages for a decade.



LITANS products are now listed in selected pharmacies, organic shops, chinese physician shop and selected supermarkets.

MYLITANSJS brand’s commitment to providing daily consumer beverages with low risk and high-quality ingredients. The focus on no/low sugar levels, no artificial additives, and no food coloring aligns with the growing demand for healthier beverage options.Using stevia as a sugar substitute, coconut oil creamer as a non-dairy alternative, and 100% pure ingredients for the drinks demonstrates a dedication to using natural and clean ingredients. This approach can be very appealing to health-conscious consumers.

NUTRIFIT’s dedication to providing health-conscious consumers with collagen peptide beverages that are not only beneficial but also made with high-quality ingredients. The focus on no/low sugar, coconut oil creamer, and 100% pure ingredients reflects a commitment to clean and natural products. Incorporating multi-vitamins into the beverages, including coffee, is a great way to offer a comprehensive and convenient solution for consumers looking to boost their daily nutrient intake.

Carelife brand commitment is to provide the best quality organic and natural products to customers as it believes that complete nutrition is the key to good health and total well-being. Carelife’s vision is
captured in the tagline “Eat Natural, Organic Food, Care of Life, Love of Family.” 

Real Life brand is committed to providing Gluten Free nutritional beverages which are specially selected with organic and real ingredients. We focus on healthy drinks with NO colouring, NO favouring, NO preservatives and No sugar to cater for a healthy you and your healthier lifestyle. Nuts and seeds are our main ingredients that provide higher protein, fat and fibre which gives a higher value in nutritional profile. Our Gluten free millet milk is suitable for improving digestive health especially for elderly. It’s definitely a good choice for your busy lifestyle and as easy-to-go breakfast that cater for all-age groups. In addition, it tastes great with prebiotics and it is suitable for vegan too.

KENKO brand is prioritize both taste and health when creating products, especially when it comes to beverages. By emphasizing the impact on human health, Kenko demonstrates a commitment to providing customers with not only enjoyable drinks, but also ones that contribute positively to their well-being. This approach can help build trust and loyalty among consumers who value both taste and their overall health.