【Angry Panda】Konjac Noodles Self-Heating Hotpot 重庆自热魔芋素毛肚火锅


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Konjac Noodles Self-Heating Hotpot 重庆自热魔芋素毛肚火锅

What it is: Chewy noodles packed full of flavors and diverse ingredients.

Why it’s unique: 

  • The soup is both spicy and sour which complements the chewy Konjac noodles.
  • It is packed with different ingredients like potatoes, lotus roots, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms
  • It’s convenient to consume on the go. All you need is room temperature water to activate the heating element.
  • Product Specification:
    Net Weight 404g
    Gross Weight 600g
    Packaging Type Bowl
    Shelf Life 9 months
    Storage Type Cool and Dry Place
    Product Origin Chongqing, China
    Main Ingredients Konjac Noodles, potatoes, lotus roots, bamboo shoots, black fungus, enoki mushrooms, beef tallow, broad bean paste (red chili peppers, peeled broad beans, salt, wheat flour),
    Chinese Name 重庆自热魔芋素毛肚火锅-魔仙饱饱


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